Our work

Community Involvement

The centers are located within the community space and therefore are ‘owned’ by the community. It is our major objective to work with the community members and create awareness and support system for the education initiatives in the area.

Learning Centres

Learning Centres are in the immediate community, where children are supported in their learning by a trained facilitator through availibilty of variant resource materials such as books, worksheets, play and art materials.

Learning through Tech

Through technology interventions we extend the resource systems to the children. This would help children use applications and use technology that will bring diversity to their learning.

Health Awareness

The outbreak of COVID pandemic has been accompanied by misinformation and fake news. So to keep a check on it, an awareness camp was organised with the support of Azim Premji Foundation.

Creative Learning Space

Art based projects are implemented to let children be more expressive, creative and also learn important social and life skills in the process.


Children have access to colourful and beautifully illustrated story books along with academic books in multiple languages